I have 25GB Rain and it is very, very slow - sometimes no connectivity. What can I do to improve connection?

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Hi there,

Apologies for the slow connectivity you are experiencing wit your LTE connection. 

Factors that may affect your Fixed Wireless Network Coverage

Mobile towers have a set coverage area to which they can broadcast a signal. This distance is determined by the frequency band used, any physical obstructions in the way, the output power of the tower and the number of users connected at the same time.

1) The frequency band used:

Lower frequency bands have longer wavelengths and travel further in a given terrain compared to higher frequency bands which have shorter wavelengths.

2) Physical obstructions:

One of the most common causes of a poor mobile signal is when the signal is obstructed by objects between the tower and the user. This includes buildings, terrains such as mountains or hills, vegetation, weather and other structures. Poor indoor coverage is usually caused by brick walls, concrete, tiles and other things that may shield the signal.

3) Output power:

A very important factor in determining signal reach is the towers ‘search window’ area, determined by its output power. In order for the mobile network to work efficiently, the towers need to supply the majority of customers within that area with the best quality service. This is done by limiting the reach at which a customer’s phone can see the tower. A tower’s search window can be set anywhere between 5 kms to 30 kms, so only users within that range would be able to connect to the tower. If you are on the outer edge of the coverage area, you may experience unreliable service and slow data speeds.

4) The number of users connected:

During peak times of use, when many people are connected to the tower simultaneously, customers may experience lower signal and slower speeds than normal. This is due to an effect called ‘cell breathing’ seen in self-optimising networks, where a tower decreases its coverage area so that distant users can be offloaded to a neighbouring tower.

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