Why is it that AFRIHOST (after selling me LTE product) inform me that I can only use it in one fixed location?

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This is totally uncceptable and now they whant to charge me a cancelation fee, but I only received the router on the 14th of January and it worked 1 day showing in client zone 0% used. Dont we as SA sitizens have consumer rights if sold someting without disclosing things like this. I have other LTE routers from other service providers and I can move it from one fixed location to the other with NO problems.
asked Jan 21 in Fixed Wireless LTE Internet by Gentech (120 points)
oh wow! I was planning on buying the same plan but after hearing this when seeing the advertised "Move connection easily" checked on LTE-A this deception made me not want to buy the product at all anymore.. Thanks for the heads up Gentech!

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You can only use it in one FIXED location because it is FIXED LTE.
answered Jan 23 by michaelsherwood (180 points)
I can't do that for you but I wish you luck with your demands.
So you clearly admit that once AFRIHOST got you, your nailed and no way out!!!!!
No not at all.
This is not the correct channel to go through if you would like to cancel a service, do that through support tickets in your Clientzone or give Afrihost a call.
I did send them my cancellation request, but is totally ignored.  With your comment [I can't do that for you but I wish you luck with your demands.], I can see why!
I don't work for Afrihost.