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I have the Linux Gold Pro package and the current standard given website themes do not have an eCommerce which includes a cart functionality. I would like to have a template(s) to allow for the website to have a cart, but even if I download (from Wordpress.org website), upload (to WP themes under Public_HTML), unzip and then extract the themes in Afrihost File Manager, the themes do not reflect so that I can select it for my website using the Afrihost Sitebuilder. How do I go about uploading new themes and get them to display so that I can select it?

My main purpose is to be able to get customers to be able to select the products and have a total price showing, upon which the add to cart would send a request to me so that I can contact them and make arrangements for the purchase.

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Kindly note that Current themes do not support eCommerce, however, you will need to upload and design the site yourself or via a web developer:

You will need to upload your site via an FTP client like FileZilla then access the Word Press dashboard to configure the eCommerce site, I suggest using an easy plugin like wooCommerce:



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