Novice alert! How do I get to see my site instead of the AfriHost "Coming Soon" page?

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Feel very dof asking this but... I am using WordPress and Woo Commerce to develop a simple site but cannot work out or find out how to see or review what I am doing on the actual Afrihost hosted website. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
asked Mar 27, 2015 in Hosting by anonymous

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There's no such thing as a silly question :)

Once you've had the Hosting Package setup with us, you need to login to your cPanel account (via ClientZone) and install your content from there. The WP installation usually puts itself in another folder - so you can take a look at the file manager.

If your content is already all setup, you need to look for a default.html type page with Afrihost content inside. This is generally removed once you start using your Hosting space though. If all the above boxes are ticked, try using another browser, as content may be cached.

Good luck!
answered Mar 27, 2015 by AfriGuy (310 points)
Thanks AfriGuy... I'm sure your answer is clear and would help most people who know what they're doing. I unfortunately do not... This is the first website I've ever tried to create so when I say I am a novice I really don't know what goes on.
Have looked at my file manager and can't find anything that looks like it's what I'm looking for or that could install my content for me.
But thanks anyway...
I think it may be a bit easier if we correspond via Email, that why I can get a better idea of how far along you are with the installation,
as I have a feeling that you've just installed the Wordpress to a sub-Directory, so it really isn't a major issue to fix.

Can you please send me the details to so that I help with getting your site up and running. :)
Hi. I have a similar problem, but I know where I made the mistake. I installed wordpress in a /wp/ subdirectory. I have found ways to fix this (it seems by adding internal automatic redirects). However, I know just enough to make a mistake now that will only rear its head in six month's time once my entire site is up and running. Can you perhaps advise me on how I can delete my entire wordpress installation so that I can install it correctly from scratch (I have not yet added any content or meaningful changes, so I would rather do it now). Thanks!