Storage error when I want to update apps

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When I want to update apps on my Zest T1, it gives me an error of not enough storage. I have moved most of the apps to phone storage. In the Settings for storage is seems that the aps only take up around 140Mb of Internal storage. Does Android really use the rest of the ±700Mb. Internal storage capacit is 1Gb and currently is seems that there is 980Mb in use.
asked Mar 27, 2015 in Devices by anonymous

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This generally means that the storage partitions aren't setup correctly :( If you're still stuck, I'd suggest contacting Zest directly as they've been able to help in the past.

Otherwise you can have a look at some DIY options from the MyBB forums
answered Mar 27, 2015 by AfriGuy (310 points)
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