Additional costs for transferring line from one ISP to afrihost?

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I currently have a data+line package with another ISP, but I created a prepaid account with afrihost to give it a test. Test passed.

Now I would like to know what additional charges I may be looking at to transfer the ADSL line from my current ISP to afrihost?
asked Mar 28, 2015 in Client Zone by Viktory

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There are no additional charges to transfer a line to Afrihost. Telkom does not charge you to transfer the line from them to Afrihost. You would firstly need to transfer the line to Telkom and Telkom will bill you pro-rata for the time your line is with them and we will request the line management from Telkom and only once the line is active with us will we start billng for the package that you singed up for.
answered Mar 30, 2015 by AfriDude (43,970 points)
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From what I understand - Correct me if I'm wrong Afriguy - You need to transfer your line to Telkom and then Afrihost can take it from there.
answered Mar 28, 2015 by R3v07v3R (1,560 points)