street lighting

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Hello, now I am solving the question, I do not know what lighting to choose for the paths to the house, what do you recommend?
asked Apr 24, 2020 in Smart Mobile Devices by annasovochka (130 points)
edited Apr 27, 2020 by annasovochka
I also think that solar-powered street lights are very practical.  To correctly select such lights, I will advise such material , where experts give good advice.

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I would recommend choosing solar powered lights
answered Apr 27, 2020 by gorosheccmihh (140 points)
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This is the most ingenious solution I've ever seen.
answered May 22 by RandyG (790 points)
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Good day oh ny gosh! To extract energy from the sun, which gives us light, to illuminate the street at night... This is the most brilliant thing I've seen indeed. I know exactly what I will use my solar power station for. It's really very convenient! now my backyard will always be equipped with light.

answered May 22 by Felicita (500 points)