Wanted to know the installation fees for WiFi connectivity for uncapped fiber line

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asked May 8, 2020 in Billing by Shamilakeshav (130 points)
The fees are different from state to state, but usually the difference is not very big. I payed 35$ being in CA, not sure about your location. I would recommend you to look on the website of the provider, there should be some information for sure. Also you will have to pay taxes for this, to make this process easier, along with other payments, I use the online service of https://taxfyle.com/, they will do all the work for you. This is very comfortable because it saves you a lot of time.
Why didn’t anyone tell me about this some months ago?!

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Good day,

Please follow the link below to check fibre availability in your area.

Below where it shows fibre packages you will see the installation,activation and wifi router costs.


answered May 11, 2020 by Lucas (5,570 points)