Why does the The fibre “wireless” signal drop when Youtube and Netflix being used at the same time

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asked May 8 in Fibre by ZulekaKnoetze (130 points)

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Kindly note that bandwidth usage is increasing with multiple connections and speed and connectivity is affected especially with HD streaming.

Kindly test over Lan connection, run speed test as to know the limit of your network sharing, reduce the quality of video streaming.


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answered May 18 by Nino (24,610 points)
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Probably, the speed of your internet connection is too low for streaming from both sites at the same time. Try streaming with lower quality (personally I find that unpleasant but it depends on your needs) or download the video you want to see from youtube with any kind of an online youtube converter (I prefer the tagged one as it provides better quality, higher speed and it was always quite easy to use it). Thus you will be able literally to use two services without any problems with the signal dropping.

answered Jul 13 by GeorgeLenn (260 points)