Can I use any simcard into my wifi router

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asked May 16, 2020 in ADSL by HT (130 points)

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Good day,

Can you please provide us with more information.

What sim card do you have? Are you on an LTE data package? 

What make and model is the wifi router?

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answered May 18, 2020 by AfriDazzil (45,260 points)
I have been waiting all the time during lockdown for my simcard from afrihost. Therefor delivery was cancelled. Im using mtn and was wondering if you can send the mentioned data to my phone using my mtn simcard. 078 259 7069
The Pure (MTN) LTE sim card only works with approved cat6 devices.
- Huawei B525
- Huawei B612
- Huawei B618
- ZTE MF286

Please read here for more information.