Afrihost Plus and Mobile Data Benefit

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When will Afrihost either increase the free 500MB of mobile data (that is part of the Afrihost Plus benefits) to 1GB OR at least change the financial benefits calculation on the Afrihost Plus package to indicate that the free mobile data is now worth R29 and not R58?  The page is misleading in terms of the financial benefit of the free mobile data if you calculate it against the latest mobile data pricing.
asked Mar 30, 2015 in Afrihost Plus+ by anonymous

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Afrihost Plus+ is not only about the free 500MB that you get with it. At the moment the Afrihost Plus+ will remain as it is until further notice because it is still a new product.  For the same amount you get Double Data on Capped DSL or Mobile data, Double Turbocharge on Uncapped DSL, Softcapping on Capped DSL and Simfy Afrihost. I wouldn't say that the price is misleading when there's actually a lot to get on Afrihost Plu+.
answered Mar 30, 2015 by AfriDude (43,950 points)
As long as you specify that there is a R58 benefit on mobile data, it remain misleading.  I'm not referring to the entire Afrihost Plus package, I'm referring to that statement!  You need to calculate that value against the latest mobile data pricing! Focus on the question I'm asking. I have no interest in the entire Afrihost Plus sales pitch ... merely that ONE point.  Will Afrihost update the page to show that the benefit is R29 and not R58?  Yes or No?