Why have I lost my internet connection?

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I have a newly installed fibre line. The connection has not been stable since the installation and now I have lost connectivity completely.

I was assisted by a someone on the whatsapp line and then communication just stopped, once the router was switched off and on again, on the advice of the consultant. It would really be nice if someone can assist me on this so that the matter can be sorted asap.
asked Jun 2, 2020 in Fibre by GF07 (120 points)

1 Answer

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Good day, 

I trust you are well,  

Please start by rebooting all your devices, please check for any network outages in your area: https://www.afrihost.com/site/network_status

Contact Support: support@afrihost.com

If you require further assistance,   

please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline: https://whatsapp.afrihost.com  

or visit our Help Centre: https://help.afrihost.com/  

or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

answered Jun 3, 2020 by Nino (29,810 points)