How to connect/link email accounts to various mobile devices?

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When i try to connect the email accounts to various mobile devices i receive the following messages:

  • "Unable to verify acount information."
  • "Cannot Verify Server Identity."

The mobile devices are as follows:

  • blackberry
  • samsung 
  • iphone

Urgent! Please Assist.

asked Mar 31, 2015 in Lines by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is generally an SSL security issue where the device wants to verify that the IP address or server is a trusted source. Most devices should have am option to accept the security exeption or go through to the site any.

You can also check your security settings on the mail accounts to ensure that you are using the correct SSL setting on your security. Using SSL for mail is very complicated (and generally not recommended for mobile - unless you have the correct setup and resources), and also ensure that you use the correct incoming and outgoing ports for sending and receiving mail.
answered Mar 31, 2015 by AfriMan (14,640 points)