I've got no internet or any devices except a pc and tv.

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i need all information to get internet with fibre connection. deals and payment ext please.
asked Jun 12 in Fibre by tobie.rsmall (120 points)

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I don’t want to seem impolite but .. Do you really feel normal without a game console? I bought Playstation two years ago and I don’t understand how I could live without it before. My wife used to scold me for being passionate about online games. But everything has changed now)) Now she plays in SIMS and even asks for my advice on installing careers list mod. I would advise you to think about buying)) P.S. As for your question, everything is very clearly stated on the provider's website. There are two of them in my city and it never caused a problem)

answered Jun 15 by Bob Tornton (500 points)