Could afrihost provide some basic technical support on mobile line improvement, aerials, equipment, line of sight etc.

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asked Dec 8, 2014 in Air Mobile by Geoff
There's a university level course in antenna design that you can take that answers this basic question.  Anything metal (like a mirror, a pot, a pipe, an expensive aerial) can influence your signal for better or worse, and you're welcome to experiment - but failing that you need expert advice and equipment, which costs real money.  If you are not in the mood to experiment or to pay experts then you are probably stuck with the signal you have.

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Hi Geoff

Currently MTN has been working on improving their network country wide. Once they have completed the project for iproving the network you should be able to see some imrovements. If what they are currently implementing does not improve your mobile connectivity kindly use the link below to log a query with MTN and give the reference so that we can follow it up. They will install the aerial depending how bad the connectivity is in the area you live in.

The reason why i say you should log a query directly with MTN is because that is the quuickest way to get the issue resolved. Also you are the best person to explain the type of connectivity you are experiencing.

MTN will assist you further with regards to aerials, equipment, line of sight etc.

I hope this answers your questions. If not please elaborate more so that i can answer correctly.

MTN Coverage Nework Query:

Afrihost Team
answered Dec 8, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
All that MTN did was to supply me with a window antenna that has to be mounted directly in line of sight with the tower with the strongest signal. (I refused a roof mounted antenna.) I must admit that the speed improved dramatically, BUT you sacrifice the advantage of mobility and are stuck to one location in your house; not all windows has a direct line of sight with the tower.