I paid account today, received a username and password but I still can't connect says no internet, what should I do now?

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asked Jun 13, 2020 in Fibre by Jean4321 (120 points)

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Good day,

Once you have signed up for fibre the order is processed and then sent to the provider to schedule installation

Please read this article for a guide on fibre installation times frames. - https://www.afrihost.com/fibre/lead-times

Sign in to ClientZone to view your account and keep an eye on progress - https://help.afrihost.com/topic/clientzone/how-to-log-into-clientzone

If you require further assistance,   
please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline: https://whatsapp.afrihost.com  
or visit our Help Centre: https://help.afrihost.com/  
or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

answered Jun 15, 2020 by AfriDazzil (42,930 points)