Why can't i log into my vumetel router from my computer with a lan cable

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I have accidentally disabled my the Wi-Fi on my router using my phone, now I need to logging in again to enable it and I cannot log in from my pc which is connected via LAN cable, my browser keep telling me unable to connect. (Firefox). Is Vumatel blocking me from accessing my router because I have tried Chrome, Internet Explorer and all give me a time out. The router in question is a Huawei echolife eg8141a5. My gateway IP address is
asked Jun 20, 2020 in Devices by Isapto (130 points)
Similar thing has happened to me. As soon as my line had become active I am now unable to access the router or wifi
only able to access the internet via a LAN cable
same router EG8141A5
opening up a cmd window I am able to see that the gateway is but unable to access it
Hi I'm experiencing the same issue right now.
Have you come up with any fixes relating to this matter?
If so ,a response would be highly appreciated

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Kindly note that you will need to reset your router as to set the default IP and Passwords:


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answered Jun 24, 2020 by Nino (29,810 points)
supplied answer not working