How much would the Uncapped 2Mbps with line rental cost me per month?

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Hey I don't have a phone line installed in my house at the moment , nor do I have an adsl line. I'm interested in the Uncapped 2Mbps option including ADSL rental from your company. How much would this cost me per month?

would I have to pay Telkom to install the phone line as well as the adsl line.. Or would they only have to install the phone line?

Please advise accordingly.
asked Apr 1, 2015 in Lines by Sedick

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Hi Sedick!

To make use of our ADSL services, you will first need to have Telkom install at least a Basic Voiceline first, and this will need to be a PostPaid Voice line. These lines are usually in the region of R158, and this will be paid to Telkom monthy.

Once the Voice Line is active, you will sign-up Here for our Uncapped Bundle, the 2Mbps Uncapped Bundle will be R397 per month, this includes the ADSL line rental as well as the 2Mbps Uncapped account.

Once you have signed-up we will take care of the ADSL line installation and activation for you, as well as covering all of the installation costs.

answered Apr 1, 2015 by AfriGenie (2,280 points)