Connecting LAN cables to router ports

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I have my D-Link router in the roof and 2 repeaters, one in main bedroom and one in lapa - the repeaters are working but the signal is poor because of long distances and walls.To get around this I attached 2 CAT6 LAN cables to 2 of the available 4 ports on the router, one into main bedroom and the other into lapa and attached the 2 TP link repeaters to the cables. The moment I connect the cables I lose internet connection on the router, when I disconnect the cables the router connects again to the internet. Is there some configuration required to on the router to enable the LAN cables?
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The Lan ports on the Router will auto-accept any active network connection unless configured otherwise.

You might need to add a network switch to manage and route your network or consult a Network Technician.

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