Internet speeds drop to unusable rates daily after 18:00

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Hi All,

Cape Town CBD Vumatel Fibre connection

Who else has a fantastic connection during the day, but the moment the evening hits the connection drops to as low as 0,1-1,0% of what you are paying?

Already chatted with Vumatel, their network is fine and showing speeds that are to be expected. The moment I check a real time internet connection test with Ookla speed test, I'm at a fraction. More often than not, I'm not even able to load the website to check the speed test, because it's so slow.

Would be curious to hear your recent experiences since the weekend.


asked Jul 27, 2020 in Fibre by sdekoning (140 points)
I have the same problem cannot even upload files today.

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Good day, 

I trust you are well, 

Kindly note that various factors can impact your fibre speeds, 

  • Network outages in your Area, 
  • Number of devices connected, 
  • Wifi interference
  • Software and hardware issues.

Kindly contact Afrihost Support for assistance:

If you require further assistance,   

please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:  

or visit our Help Centre:  

or see our FAQ page:

answered Aug 3, 2020 by Nino (29,810 points)
Hi Nino,

That is very true. But none of these factors have impacted this situation because:
- connected directly to the ONC box with Ethernet cable - only one device active
- no network outages were registered by either Vumatel or Afrihost.

I actually joined this forum because neither afrihost nor vumatel were able to help me, yet it was happening every evening like clockwork for 5 days. In fact, afrihost was pointing fingers to vumatel and vumatel was pointing fingers to afrihost. Very unprofessional.. my poor tethered 4G connection suffered quite some bandwidth during these outages and guess who’s going to have to pay those bills...

Now the issues have miraculously  disappeared and still nobody has taken ownership of the situation. This is appalling service.

Kind regards,
I agree I have the same issue on my fiber line. Checked the speed with the speed test from ookla as they suggest. Paying for a 100Mbps line but my downstream speed local and international are below 20Mbps and at night it get's worse for more than a week now. I hope Wian will make a note to refund me for a service I'm not getting.
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