What happened to Afrihost

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Hi all,

My first post here on the Afrihost forum.

Unfortunately, I'm turning to the communicty out of frustration.

And that's unusual though...I use to be the biggest, biggest Afrihost fan, recommending them to everyone I know.

Few years ago, I had one or two minor issues and Afrihost support sorted me out right way - some of the best customer support I've ever seen.

Now, last few weeks, I had to reach out to Afrihost support again and ...  WHAT a DIFFERENCE.  Did Afrihost take a turn for the worst?  What happened?

Suddenly it's like dealing with Telkom or Tshwane.  And that's a massive insult.  It's almost impossible to get hold of any support.  When you log a request, you're ignored for ages and if you do get a response, it's absolute rubbish.

Luckily my problems at the moment aren't huge but I've been terribly dissapointed in Afrihost's customer support.

Anyone experienced / observed the same change or know what happened?


asked Jul 29 in General by christoff.botes (170 points)
I am having the same problems, my friends are telling me to go to Mweb.
I think that is probably a good idea.   A company like Afrihost - an ISP for crying out loud (i.e. people who know all about being connected) - who claim to have professional people working for them delivering professional service, is now telling me on this thread that they are struggling to deliver support because of Covid19.   BS excuse.   Professional people who know all about connectivity should be able to work from home without any problems.

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Good day, Christoff,

Apologies for the frustration you are experiencing and any delay in response from our team, we are all working from home and doing the best we can given the circumstances the whole country are dealing with at the moment with the Covid-19 pandemic. We do endeavour to continue to provide the very best service we can during this time.

Please let us know what your question is and we will do our best to answer it.
Please remember this is a public platform and not to share any personal or sensitive information.

Thank you

If you require further assistance,   
please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline: https://whatsapp.afrihost.com  
or visit our Help Centre: https://help.afrihost.com/  
or see our FAQ page: http://faq.afrihost.com

answered Jul 30 by AfriDazzil (40,680 points)
That is a BS excuse.   We are also a company of over 6000 people working from home servicing many customers and it's going very well - our customers are happy.   You guys at Afrihost claim to have professional people -and you are an ISP - you know all about connectivity - you should have ZERO problem working from home.  

I'm not dealing with your WhatsApp line.  Tried that several times - it's useless.

If you want to follow up on my issues, see the following tickets logged:
- UNC-627-82919
- FBN-913-33338

Someone from Afrihost phoned me today about the FBN ticket and we ended the call with he will send me contact details so that I can follow up and share more information electronically - contact details not received.

You can also tell me why the guys assigned to the tickets just want to close them the whole damn time ??   WTF is up with that?   Customer logs query, Afrihost ignores it for a week and then the support guy thinks it's OK to tell me he's closing the ticket.  That is just unacceptable.