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Hi all,

I have a fibre service with Afrihost which makes use of OpenServe lines.

The problem: we have now two or three times over the last few weeks experienced a situation where all devices on my home network loses internet throughput completely. When logging into my Wifi router and viewing the WAN connection status, I see a status of either "Unknown error" or "No response from the server". Connectivity is then later restored without me having to do anything.  I suspect therefore it is an ISP issue, not my local router.

The service has been stable since I moved into the house a while back and it's only now the last few weeks that this problem surfaces unexpectedly and at inconvenient times.

I logged a request with Afrihost but their support is incompetent and completely useless.

Anyone experiencing / experienced the same or know why this problem occurs?

Many thanks





asked 6 days ago in Fibre by christoff.botes (170 points)

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