When I try to Log in my cPanel, it directs me to a page that says BAD GATEWAY

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asked Apr 6, 2015 in Email Hosting by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is happens mostly on new signups when your domain has not be set on a server it is trying to get access to as yet. If your domain has been moved to a new server the automated links have to be updated so that you are redirected to the correct server and if they are not updated you will get the bad gateway error and we would need to update tham manually which takes less than 15 seconds to do mostly. Lastly this is happens when the automated links server does not recognize the request you have made or if the server does not respond to your request instead of timing out it will give that error and we would need to update the links from our end.
answered Apr 7, 2015 by AfriDude (43,930 points)