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+1 vote has a wp db.  I will add a number of tables to that db and want to write a php file which will connect to the db to manipulate the data in the files. To connect to the db  I need the user_name SAINTTJE_USER,  db name SAINTTJE_DB , password and host name. I have looked all over and cannot find the password  or host name. Please advise.
asked Sep 17 in Shared Hosting by sainttje (130 points)

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On your cPanel, go to File Manager, Public_html folder, look for the file named wp-config.php - right click on the file and click on 'edit' confirm on the message that will pop-up that you want to edit the file, go to line 29 define ('DB_PASSWORD, 'xxxxxxx'); the xxxxx should be your password in plain text.

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answered Sep 17 by MkansiF (480 points)