No Fibre, I a looking for uncapped internet on a monthly basis

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asked Sep 23 in ADSL by Tshidi Lekhutle (120 points)

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Hi Tshidi,

For Uncapped Internet, you may have 2 other options (Pure DSL and Fixed LTE) besides Fiber available to you. But, you'll need to check your coverage first to confirm whether your area is covered for either of those services. Please visit and go to the "DSL" heading. Under this heading select "Pure DSL Deals". This will take you to the page where you enter the address you want internet for. From here, you'll be able to see if you are able to get Pure DSL or LTE and the packages available to you.


Hope you find a solution that meets your needs.
answered Sep 23 by Fen (160 points)
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Thank you for your question. Ok, what you will need to do is go to your browser and search up Afrihost. Once on the Afrihost page, then click on check coverage. Once this will open a page to enter your address you will be using the service for. This will then tell you what service is available to you in your area.


Have a good day
answered Sep 24 by megan.c (800 points)
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Thank you for a question, to stable what service offering we have, please visit our website on the home page enter your address then search. This will advise you witch service offering we have available  for you to choose from
answered Sep 29 by megan.c (800 points)