Why am I not getting daily LTE usage on my app or the Afrihost site?

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asked Sep 28, 2020 in Fixed Wireless LTE Internet by martinparry (140 points)

2 Answers

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Thank you for your question, This seems like you are using Telkom. If so there is a delay on the update as this is managed through Telkom, so what you can do is download the Telkom app open it and you will get a full update of your usage. Please note that you can only do this through the Telkom wifi connection no logins required. Please make sure your Afrihost app is up to date.
answered Sep 29, 2020 by megan.c (800 points)
Hi Martin,
Please read our article to assist you to view your LTE data usage.
How to view your Telkom Fixed LTE data usage - https://help.afrihost.com/topic/fixed-wireless-internet/how-to-view-your-telkom-fixed-lte-data-usage
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answered Jul 26 by bernardand (540 points)