Why is my uncapped LTE throttled since the first of the month?

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No problem with last month,  but since we moved to uncapped? We were throttled to speed of around 1 Mbps... remember that this uncapped service costs R3000 per month! We have contacted them daily, but not getting anywhere. Today, we even went to the expense of buying a new router to double check that the fault was not on our side.. we don't know what to do anymore and our livelihood depends on internet!
asked Oct 9 in ADSL by joseph.greyling (140 points)

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Hi Joseph

So sorry to hear.

Have you been assist yet

please contact us and provide your ticket number if possible do a speed test http://speedtest.mybroadband.co.za/

Please confirm

Thank you
answered 1 day ago by Ma Gash (440 points)