My connection is down since last night, when I check my account details on the app it says active but no internet

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asked Oct 18, 2020 in Fibre by CherneSteenberg (120 points)

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Hi There,

If you are experiencing connectivity issues there may be a network outage in your area.

You can check for an outage in your area, by visiting our Network Status page via the Afrihost website.


Select the product you want to check on from the product options available.

From your selection, you can see if there are any outages or maintenance in the area.


Please read our guide on How to check for a network outage in the area -


If there is an outage, we are aware of it and our technicians are attending to the matter.

If there is no outage in your area please continue to do further troubleshooting.


If you require further assistance,   

please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:    

WhatsApp Help is available from 07h00 - 20h00 Monday - Friday   

or visit our Help Centre:     


Thank you
answered Oct 19, 2020 by AfriDazzil (45,400 points)