Please contact me regarding Fibre service at my new home.

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asked Oct 19, 2020 in General by Sunel (120 points)

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Hi Sunel

Hope you are well.

Have you check the fiber coverage in your area? please visit

Please confirm if you are fiber covered.

If you in a fiber area PERFECT. A pop up message will appear with the available providers select the providers and sign up on the CLIENTZONE 2 enjoy the PURE INTERNET JOY

please confirm

Thank you
answered Oct 20, 2020 by Ma Gash (520 points)
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Hi Sunel,

Thank you for choosing Afrihost as your Fibre provider. 
Please check our coverage map to see if you have fibre in your area and who the provider is.

Once you have confirmed you have fibre in your area, you can complete the signup process via our Fibre page

Please read this article for easy to follow sign up steps - 

If you are unsure which fibre package to select, please use our handy Wizard to assist you  -

If you require further assistance,  
please send a message to our WhatsApp helpline:   
WhatsApp Help is available from 07h00 - 20h00 Monday - Friday & 07h00 - 18h00 Saturday - Sunday 
or visit our Help Centre:    

Thank you   

answered Oct 21, 2020 by AfriDazzil (42,930 points)