Which host should I get

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Hi there,

I'm looking to get a website builder for my company. The products I sell are beauty, skincare and kiddies related.

I am not sure which host to get for my business.

I don't know much about website building and hosting. Could you please advise me of which package to get.

What is the difference between the hosting options and what it contains?
asked Nov 9 in Shared Hosting by Jessica Heyns (120 points)

2 Answers

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If I were you, I'd start with a "Silver Home" package. Don't be afraid of the Linux based, as you'll never need to interact with the operating system (OS).

Whist Afrihost does offer a free Site Builder, it doesn't have the shop option, so you're likely going to want a CMS (content management system) to do the heavy lifting for you.

In my opinion, the easiest way to get going is with WordPress and WooCommerce. Both are free, and Afrihost has a one-click install for WordPress to get you going. To top it off, local payment gateways such as PayFast have a WooCommerce integration, so payment is easily done within the website.

The larger hosting tiers have more storage space, as well as databases available. For a simple site, you'll only need 1. All packages have unlimited web traffic, so you'll never have anyone not able to access your site due to it being 'too busy'.

Additionally, Afrihost does also offer a 1-year free domain, so you can have yourbeautyshop.co.za listed. This cost is about R100 per year afterwards.

There are plenty of tutorials to get you going, or many freelancers that can help you as well.

If it all sounds too complex, you may want to look at a Shopify account, but that will set you back about $30 usd per month, which is quite a bit more!

answered Nov 18 by batpoep (170 points)
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