How do I fix an error with my contact form on Afrihost Sitebuilder

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While testing to make sure that my linked email can receive emails from the contact form on Sitebuilder, I kept getting this error message shown above. I checked to make sure that it's not google reCAPTCHA and it seems that google RC is working fine. The error occurs on both my contact forms on 2 different pages. 

I linked the variables the way Sitebuilder wants them (i.e. email = $email) and I ticked custom email template, then unticked custom email template when that didn't work and still no dice.

I followed setup steps from other answers here but none of them fixes the issue. The website is up and running however this issue may require I remove the contact forms on my website.  


Any assistance will be appreciated, the sooner I get this sorted the better.


asked Nov 11 in General by ItuMochabe (120 points)

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