How do I get personalized email if I already own a domain name?

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We have a domain name registered for our company with Afrihost. We need personalized email? Does that come with the domain name?
asked Nov 16 in General by joliph (120 points)

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Hi there!


If you have only parked your domain you will first need to update the package to a web hosting package to be able to use an email facility. You can click on this link to see how you can update your parked domain:

However, you can skip the first link if you already have a hosting package. All you need to do is to create your personalized email under you client zone account. Please see the link on how to create your own email:


I hope this helps :)
answered Nov 18 by Reezy (670 points)
Thank you, that is helpful.
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Good day,

Since you have domain name registered with afrihost, you will only need to sign up for personalised email which is "domain email package" by editing current package under your afrihost clientzone.
answered Nov 18 by Lucas (3,700 points)