Redirecting a main domain to a Subdomain.

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How can I redirect my main domain to a subdomain temporarely ?
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To set up a redirect:

1: Logon to the Cpanel. Click on the Redirects button on the home page.

2: Enter the address of the web page to redirect in the first field.

3: Enter the redirection address in the second field.

4: Choose one of the following options in the drop-down list:

4.a: Temporary - This tells Internet traffic agents (browsers, search engines, etc.) that this is only a temporary redirection, and that they should return to this initial location again in the future for the same page.

4.b: Permanent - This tells the Internet traffic agents to go to the redirection address in the future, as the old address will never be used again.

5: Click on the Add button.

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Hi there!


The process of redirecting a domain is referred to as domain pointing.

Firstly, you will need to sign up for domain pointing online (R19 per month) by clicking the link:


Once you have successfully signed up a domain pointing package, you can now point your domain. Please see the below link on how to point your domain:


Hope this helps! Have a great day and stay safe :)
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