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We have recently had the fibre installation done, technicians confirmed the line is active on the switchboard etc. Afrihost also now showing connected on client portal but still no internet connectivity. Call centre says its provisioning which needs to be done, another agent said its the address which is not loaded by Vumatel, another agent said connection should be established within an hour it has taken 2 months for us to get the cable installed and everything is up and running. All lights on the Vumatel modem and router are showing. Router says internet access but unable to connect to any website. when connecting to the router it asks for sign in and redirects to Vumatel sales. Is there anyone who can help us resolve this issue? all fees have been paid etc and Afrihost is the 3rd provider. we do not want to cancel and start over just to get a internet connection that works.
asked Dec 18, 2020 in Fibre by Jaques678 (120 points)

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I'm a newbie here. I even don't know much about this connectivity. But I would like to learn. Thanks!
answered Dec 22, 2020 by JohnPack (420 points)
I'm in a similar situation but with Frogfoot. What was the resolution to this problem?