Want to open a new account. Afrihost to host new fibre connection. Existing fibre line in flat.

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asked Dec 25, 2020 in Fibre by marceldysel (120 points)

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Hi there,

You have moved into new premises and there is a small box on the wall with an existing Fibre line and you want to get connected.

You will need to find out from the landlord or previous owners which Fibre provider installed the box or you can look on our coverage map to see which provider is available in the area.

For a complete list of Fibre providers, we partner with, visit our Pure Fibre landing page.

How to get connected with Pure Fibre
1. Ensure that the previous owner or tenants have cancelled their fibre account.

2. You will need to relocate your fibre line in ClientZone - https://help.afrihost.com/topic/fibre-broadband/how-to-relocate-your-fibre-line-to-a-new-address

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