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I work as a freelance journalist for a very popular newspaper and feed various articles about gambling, bookmakers, brokers, online casinos, sports betting, online lotteries, etc. I collect information on the Internet on various thematic sites. Therefore, I want to ask: What reliable thematic sites do you know to collect the necessary information for my work? If you know, then please list them, I will be grateful. But I have one request, when you send me the addresses of these sites, first determine whether it is easy to go to these sites? Because some sites I can't go to at all, although these sites are very popular. I changed the IP, reinstalled the operating system of the computer, wanted to access these sites through my phone and tablet, but nothing helps. One of these sites that I could not access is If you know such sites that cannot be accessed, please do not send these sites to me. But if you know a way to enter such a site, please tell me. Moreover, these sites must be reliable. Because I will use information from these sites for journalistic materials, and I will publish in special sites and newspapers. Therefore, if the information from these sites is incorrect, then my works and articles will also be incorrect. My authority and my salary depend on the veracity of these information. Also, I ask you, if you are not lazy, tell me which bookmakers, brokers, online casinos and online lottery you like and please tell me the reason why you like them. Based on your information, I will carry out statistical work and create a rating for bookmakers, brokers, online casinos and online lottery. This rating will help people choose the best, reliable and affordable sites for making money and having fun. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for your help and the reliable information provided.




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