please can you help me what would the price be for extra fibre wire?

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i would do the trenching and ill lay the pipe with draw wire. i just want to know the price so i could get my affairs in order. the reason i, asking is i live in a long driveway its about 75meter to where i want the router.
asked Feb 8 in General by Coenie (120 points)

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Good day,

Please see the article below, it is afrihost T&C.

Installation, cabling and lead times

  • The installation fee includes cabling up to 30 metres. If your installation requires additional cabling, a site survey will be done, after which you will receive a quote from the applicable last-mile provider. Should you choose to proceed, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. The additional cabling is directly payable to the applicable last-mile provider.

I can advise you to check coverage in your area and then contact applicable last mile provider (fibre provider) to find out how much they going to bill you for 1 metre there after you will be able to work out your calculations for additional cabling.

answered Feb 10 by Lucas (5,570 points)