When is Afrihost going to fix their ClientZone

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I find that Afrihost seems to place a lot of trust in their ClientZone, where they often say, just do this or that in your ClientZone, but so much of ClientZone does not work as expected, and I often just get errors with the things I need to do.

Lets look at some prime examples.
1. I want to cancel a hosting package, however it is a .com and is due for Domain Renewal in the next 3 months. You go to ClientZone, click hosting, find the domain you want to cancel, and click "Edit Package". On the right you have all the cancellation stuff, I complete it, and hit Cancel. A series of windows now come up and tell me the domain is already pending renewal, click here to "Cancel Renewal Now". Clicking it gives an error.

2. Cancel a domain renewal without the cancel hosting button, From ClientZone, Hosting, Select the domain you want, click Domain Renewal, click "Cancel Renewal Now", confirm renewal cancellation. Error.

The Error also shows to phone Afrihost, but when you do that, you hardly ever get a person that understands what you want, so they almost instantly say, send an email to suport@, hosting@, or accounts@

Sending any of those departments an email, is often just as big a pain, here is part of the email I sent to Hosting this morning.
Please could you cancel the domain renewal for example.com as I am stopping the hosing service for this domain

And here is the sort of answer, well part of it to protect my privacy.
Should you be billed domain renewal, please contact accounts@afrihost.com for assistance.

Wonderful answer, really helpful.

3. ClientZone for us people who use dedicated servers is even more of a pain, I want a new domain, so I go to my dedicated server, and create a new account for it on my server, then I go to Afrihost and sign up for the domain, as domain parking, so Afrihost can handle all renewals etc. That all works fine, now I want to hand off my Email to a Google For Business account and need to make a bunch of DNS alterations.
I go to my servers WHM, Edit Zone, Select the Zone and make the changes, and save, Wait 48 hours and nothing happens. I go to the cPanel for that domain from my server, check the DNS records there, and they are the same as what I set in WHM. I go to ClientZone and check the DNS Editor, and all the changes I made are nowhere to be found.

At this point you can email hosting@ and try ask them to make the changes for you as I can make the alterations myself, however on save, i just get an error to contact Afrihost.

There are many other places that ClientZone gives errors like this, but these are the main 2 that cause me monthly issues. Please see if someone can fix these ClientZone issues.

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