Is port forwarding / remote desktop on afrihost fibre possible?

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I assume that Afrihost uses CGNAT on their fibre products giving my router a different IP from my public IP. Will this stop me from configuring port forwarding for remote desktop? Is there something I am missing? Thanks.
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Afrihost are assisting, so it seems it is possible. I will give feedback when it is solved.
We have just switched from ADSL to Fiber and have this exact same problem. We used to be able to dial into our VPN server, use FTP etc. No port forwards are working anymore, and we are using the same router, which we know has the correct port forward settings.

Could you please give me an update if Afrihost was able to resolve this? With so many people working from home, it really is essential that we can host VPN, RDS and FTP behind our routers.
Hi, we managed to get it sorted after chatting to Afrihost. They were very helpful - see the answer below. Hope you get it sorted too!
Excellent! Thank you for the update. Afrihost is busy assisting me as well, and going to do the same by the sounds of it. Can't wait to have it fixed. Must say, the service is great. Response time is reasonable as well.
Pleasure. Good luck!
I'm happy to report that Afrihost resolved my issue as well. All my port forwards are now working. Good stuff! Removal of the double Natting resolved it.
Nice, happy to hear that!

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Afrihost was able to solve the issue - thanks Afrihost :) After a chat with them, they removed our router from the double NAT IP which then allowed the port forwarding and services to work.
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Been struggling with Afrihost and a double natted ip since beginning Feb, took them a week first to sort it out. Now, since yesterday (1st March), the IP has a double NAT again. Whatsapp support can't help, fibre support on the phone call struggle to help as well. Who did you guys speak to? And how quickly was this resolved for you guys?
Hi, we used WhatsApp help and once we requested the change it was done within 24 hours.  Maybe give that another try, or phone again, generally Afrihost has been quick to help resolve issues. Good luck.