Why am I experiencing high latency every night for the last 2 weeks?

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I am on the 200GB MTN fixed wireless LTE plan. For the last 2 weeks without fail every night my latency/ping  is constantly 200-300ms for any server located in South Africa, cape town or JHB. I have full bars connectivity. My router is less than 5 metres away from my window. I am using a Huawei B618 router. This high latency makes gaming impossible and unplayable. Download and upload speeds are affected sometimes, not always. In the morning and afternoon the ping is fine though but I am mostly online at night so this affects me a lot.

I've tried moving the router to the kitchen, moving the router didnt work either. I use an ethernet cable to connect to the wifi on my computer. I have tried contacting afrihost support on whatsapp. They tell me to the move the router and also to turn it off for 15 minutes then put it back on. This did not work either. This is my last hope, hopefully someone can help me here.

Edit : I suspect that I am experiencing this problem because of congestion, but I cant just accept that I am unable to use my internet as intended at night. Also, I tried having my PC be the only device connected to the wifi. That did not solve the issue either.
asked Mar 1, 2021 in Fixed Wireless LTE Internet by Matt (130 points)
High congestion isn't really an excuse for poor service delivery. Solution would be to expand infrastructure.

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Sounds like everyone is trying to connect to the network at the same time
answered May 3, 2021 by Rookie (9,880 points)