How do you change the Submit button on a form to save the data to the database?

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I have a contact form that was part of the theme that I selected. I would like to change the function of the form to save the data to the database.


Therefore, in sitebuilder, how do I save the form data to the database?


PS: I have already created a table in the database called "t_db_user". All I need to know is how do I insert the coding to save the form data to the database.
asked Mar 13 in Shared Hosting by jason.newport.02 (140 points)

2 Answers

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Hi, please tell us the names of the coloums u created in the table for your contact form...

Does your form normally email you the info ?

Also it's not as simple as changin the submit button.  What you need is an app page like php or aspx to receive the data and then store it... if you are using wordpress then you're on your own.

it's best to keep it simple unless u are willing to pay a web developer to do it....
answered Mar 26 by doctaven (180 points)
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Which registration form are you talking about?
Do you need a conference, wedding, concert, etc. registration form?
I recommend that you check out some registration form templates before asking which are the best.

answered Jun 15 by Awae122 (140 points)