Hacking / Safety of Apps

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Question 1: Which program is easier to get access to hack a computer / Server with?

TeamViewer;   Remote desktop (RDP) ; Zoom;  One Drive;  Dropbox;  One Desk

Question 2:  Can all these apps make it posible/easier to hack your data?
asked Mar 20 in General by MarliseOlivier007 (140 points)

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1) You can't crack someone's computer using Dropbox. RDP is more likely to be vulnerable,

2) you mention a lot of apps, are you afraid someone will take your data from dropbox and onedrive? that will only happen if your password is used. How a cracker obtains your passwd may vary depending on too many things to mention.

Your safest choice will be to use a proper antivirus like ESET Smart Security. Windows Defender is a joke.

If you are trying to find out how safe & secure you are, you might want to hire a security expert to test your PC /Server
answered Mar 26 by doctaven (180 points)