When I apply for fibre with Afrihost when is the first payment due.

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asked Mar 23 in Billing by Nathier (120 points)

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Good morning.

You will only be billed a Pro-Rata amount from the day that your fibre line is activated and you have internet connection.

  • All debit orders go off on the 1st of every month.
  1. Upon doing the sign up. If you selected that you needed a WiFi router. 
    1. A delivery fee of R249.00 for the WiFi router to be dispatched once your order has been accepted by the fibre provider.
    2.  Only once your fibre line installation is been done, your WiFi router delivered & plugged in,  your line is active & you have internet connection.
    3. Only then will you be billed the Pro-Rata amount.
    4. On the 1st of the following month, you will hen be billed the full amount for your package.

Kind Regards.

answered Mar 29 by Reesa (460 points)