Openserve fibre drops every night from around 19.45-20.15

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Hi there. Without fail, my fibre line drops each night for anywhere from 1-30 minutes during this period. Connection speed is most often at zero when this happens. On some occasions, the connection is restored but at very low speeds of less than 1meg (I am on a 25+25 uncapped unshaped unthrottled option apparently!) I've followed the correct protocols by contacting Afrihost's support agents but nobody can help me or provide a reason as to why I'm experiencing this particular connectivity issue.
This issue has been going on for months now. It's hard to believe that nobody at Afrihost can explain why this is happening.
The ONT has been replaced 3 times in the past 6 months by Openserve as a gesture of good faith even though they don't suspect it's an ONT issue. I received a replacement router from Afrihost in mid February this year. The port has been refreshed on numerous occasions and Openserve have apparently also switched me over on their side to a new port? Anyone else experiencing same or similar? If yes, do you have any intel to share that could help me understand what is the root cause of my issue?
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