I live in a complex with existing fibre lines, can I move it to Afrihost

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Good day,

I live in a complex where Metro Fibre installed the lines, but if i check coverage it tells me I can move to openserve? Is this correct and if so how do I do this?

We already have it connect via Metro Fibre so all the the installation should be fine and the line should just be able to be moved from them to you.

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Good morning.

  1.  When you checked for coverage, did you enter the street address or the name of the complex?  (You need to Give the address that can be found on your municipal bill. Especially if residing in an estate or complex)
  2. If you've entered the name of the complex & the results are still the same.
    1. Select the package and follow the prompts.
    2. On the "Fibre line details" page:
      1. Select "Migrate my exsisting fibre line" (Because you are mentioned that you're connected to Metro fibre) which won't require any installation.  
      2. Enter all the details and ensure that they are correct and proceed to next.
      3. On the "Pure Fibre Package" page,  under the packages you will see "Not correct provider? click here". When you click on that, A list of all the providers will appear, Select Metro fibre and continue.
  3. If you've entered the name of the complex and the results shows both Open Serve and Metro fibre.
    1. If you would like to change providers to Open Serve, then you would select "New installation" on the Fibre line details page (as they are different providers) & continue with the sign up.
    2. Or if you prefer to stay with Metro fibre, select any package and continue.
      1. One the "FIbre line details" page, select "Migrate my exsisting fibre line".
      2. Under that tab, it will ask you for the "Exsisting fibre vendor", if Metro fibre is not mentioned or labled under that, then you can select "Other / I'm not sure" and continue.

If you do require any further assistance, you're more than welcome to give us a call on our Toll Free number; 08000 11000 and an agent can assist you further.

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