Will LTE work on all cellphone and laptops?

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I would like to help my 85 year old mother in getting a better internet signal in her flat. The fibre packages are quite expensive for an old lady with a cellphone and VERY old laptop. So we are thinking of getting her the LTE package. But if we get this LTE with the router will all her devices be able to connect to it? Does her phone need to be LTE compatible and what about her very old laptop?

At the moment she connects with Telkom mobile data with a router but the internet is too slow for her to watch YouTube and see content on FB properly. Is it worth it for her to switch to LTE?
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Kindly note that you can connect any wifi compatible device on the LTE, provided that the router/modem that you will be using is network approved by the network operator.

Please check coverage for your area on the link below.


If you have coverage for Afrihost LTE (MTN or Telkom) you can choose the package of your choice and complete online sign up or alternatively you can sign up on the link below.



Kindly note that if you are covered for pure LTE (MTN), MTN approved only four devices to use their services which are ;

Huawei B612

Huawei B618

Huawei B525


However, with Telkom LTE there are no device restrictions, meaning you can use any LTE compitable device.

If you need network approved device, you will need to signup for sim plus device package and kindly read through terms and conditions for sim plus device.


I hope this information will be off your assistance.

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Based on experience, all devices with Wi-Fi capabilities can connect to an LTE router. The device can then choose its own connection speed despite the router being LTE. So it's possible to connect the laptop and the phone despite their age or connection type. The router and devices will communicate to each other and convert the signal to suite the required need
answered Apr 2 by Rax (180 points)