Why 2 different prices for lte same package

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asked Mar 31 in General by derickl (150 points)

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Hi There,

Can you please tell me which LTE product package you are referring to?
answered Apr 6 by AfriDazzil (45,400 points)
I am currently onPure LTE 30 +30 GIG. I am as stated thinking about upgrading to 60 +60 but on my app which is updated it shows that there are 2 different prices R349 and R399, that is what I am querying.
Hi Derick,

To upgrade your LTE 30+30 package to 60+60 the cost is R349 and not R399.
Please do the product upgrade/ change via ClientZone. I will have someone look into the pricing on the app.

This will help you use ClientZone to upgrade: