port forwarding using the dlink AC1200 DIR-825

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port forwarding using the dlink AC1200 DIR-825, I have been able to run a tunnel for plex but that's the only thing that is working I cannot connect to port 80, or ssh via 22, I have the local 192.168 address set to static


asked Apr 7 in Fibre by kurvin (120 points)

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Good morning Kurvin

Hope all is well.

Please follow the below steps in resolving the issue:

  1. First check openssh-server installed in that system.
  2. check the status of ssh service, make ssh service start. sudo service ssh status sudo service ssh start.
  3. Check iptables in that system that port 22 is blocked. Just allow port in iptables and then check. ...
  4. Else change port number of ssh from 22 to 2222 by editing.

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