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Vumatel is available in my area. What are the combined/individual costs for both Vumatel and Afrihost?

Vumatel advertise R907 for 20/20mps fibre.

Afrihost show R1497 installation fee.


1. what are the actual total monthly costs?

2. what are the installation costs?

I need these answers to make a decision. i'm determined to migrate to fibre, but there are a number of ISP's. Afrihost has been recommended

Please let me know asap
asked Apr 12 in General by roland rink (120 points)

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Good Afternoon Roland. 

R1497.00 installation fee is applicable if it is a new fibre line. Once the the fibre line has been installed, connected and activated, only then will you be charged/billed a Pro-Rata amount instead of paying the entire R907.00 for a 20/20MBps line.

1. The total monthly cost would be: R907.00 for the 20/20MBps line.

  • The first payment which you will make is R249.00 for the wifi router to be delivered, once your order has been accepted.

2. The installation cost is R1497.00 if you require an installation.

  • This meaning, if you have a fibre line and ONT Box installed already and it is with Vumatel, then you would select "MIgrate my exsisting fibre line" and not a "new installation". 
  • If you have an ONT Box installed already, but with a different fibre provider (Openserve, Frogfoot, ETC) any other provider that is not Vumatel, you will need a new installation for the Vumatel line and ONT Box to be installed.


answered Apr 12 by Reesa (460 points)
thank you for your response!!
Only a pleasure Roland Rink
The latest fibre prices in Business Tech shows that Afrihost using Openserve as the fibre provider charges R597 for a 25/25 MBPS connection. Do i have to use Vumatel when Openserve appears a LOT less expensive?
The fibre provider/s mentioned on the coverage maps are the ONLY provider/s that you are able to use or sign up with.
In this case, if you log on to and check for the coverage map to check which fibre provider/s are available in your area to proceed.
If the results show that you only covered with Vumatel, then you will only be able to use Vumatel, unless stated otherwise.
If you need any further assistance, please give us a call on 08000 11000, select option 1 for sales and general enquiries and an agent can assist you directly.