I require a variable mobile contract. What do I need?

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Please advise me as to what I need. I find your website very confusing.

I live in South Africa much of the year, but may be abroad for several months at a time.

I require a flexible SIM-only mobile phone service that caters for my varying need.

It must offer value for money when I am in South Africa, but cost me little or nothing when I am abroad.

When in SA I consume between 2GB and 6GB of mobile data and use approximately 120 minutes of voice and 20-40 SMS messages a month. I would like to be able to vary my contract month to month to cater for variations in use due to access to Wi-Fi and the like.

When abroad I use a foreign SIM in my main phone and maintain contact only to receive a few calls and messages, and to pick up voicemail. I need to be able to roam to do this. I am happy to maintain a small credit balance in my account to cover this, but do not wish to pay a monthly charge when away.

I should like to be able to use Wi-Fi Talk (VoWiFi) when reception is poor.

I am currently a customer of Telkom mobile. I wish to keep my present number.

What product do I need from Afrihost?

How do I go about porting my number to it and setting up a variable contract?
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